The whole family camping in Kananaskis Country in July 2016.

Here are the basics about me. I’ve got a section of my blog that is going to link to here where I’ll virtually pen little stories about myself and what makes me, me! So stay posted for stories that will give you a little glimpse into my life as it was before my surgeries and stories about my new life on wheels.

I’m 42 years old, female (my name tends to default me to male everywhere), and have worked in Law Enforcement for just over 10 years. Technically, I’ve been off work since my knee surgery in 2013, but I’m still a Parole Officer when it comes right down to it.

I’m married to an amazing and sometimes vexing woman and have a stepson who’s 9 years old. I’d brag that he’s my amazing son and he’s golden and perfect, but, like all of us in this little family, sometimes he’s fantastic and sometimes he’s clearly possessed by a short demon with a couple teeth missing. However, we make up a solid little family of 3, plus 3 little feline fur babies.

As for me, I am a former athlete, student of life, traveller, and officer with anxiety that is a little too keen sometimes and a brain that goes a little too fast sometimes. Adjusting to life from the wheelchair has been, to put it politely, an adjustment.

We live in Canada in a quaint little city outside Calgary, Alberta, and we spend our summers camping in the mountains or in the hoodoos of the Alberta badlands.

That’s all for now, and you’ll learn more about what makes me tick in my little stories and blogs about my place in the world around me. This entire page is an exercise created by my therapist, and I hope to make it a new, fun and exciting adventure for me!