Dear Diary: Dear Diary, it’s been 1,327 days since transplant surgery. Today I spent the day recovering from YESTERDAY. Yesterday I hit the slopes for my first attempt on a sit ski. I must admit, it was hilarious. For a little sidebar, when I could ski “normally,” I was a ski instructor. I taught people of all ages how to ski. Now, I am the instructed. I spent the evening on the bunny hill. Poor Tony, the instructor, got to push me up the hill all night until I graduated to the magic carpet tow.

FYI, it’s really easy to tip over. Also, it’s very hard to get back up. I need to hit the gym for my arms to be able to lift myself and my sled back up with one arm. Since I’m so supremely out of shape, despite having a skiing apparatus that one sits in, just about every muscle in my body hurts. When I woke up today, my knee hurt, just to spite me. My quads hurt, who knows why. My butt hurts really bad, because either I clenched it the whole time or because I sit in a cold, hard plastic bucket. From my upper back to my shoulder to my hands, all those muscles hurt, and maybe even the bones. It’s amazing how sore once can get from wiping out at 3 miles an hour. I think everything hurts just out of pity so I don’t feel so bad about falling over. The up side is, my eyelids DON’T hurt. Success!! I don’t have sore eyelids. Also, my lips don’t hurt. Everything else seems to be clench sore. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 4 year old kids whipping past me, and then wiping out because they are watching me in my cool skiing contraption.

To recover from my busy day on the slopes, the wife took me to the RV show today. We wheelchaired (not a word) the heck out of that place, which was a good alternative to limping around the show extra. And what did we accomplish? We bought so much RV toilet paper we had to push the wheelchair out with it covered in TP, and I ended up limping out anyway. And, some leather pants cougar put some bees wax stuff on my tattoos to make them look more colourful. So, diary, despite being no closer to a cure and now sporting a sore ass, I have TONS of gentle, soft toilet paper for it and cougar rub down oil all over me. Seems like a successful day.