January 27, 2017

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being fitted for my sit ski and trying out a few little runs to get a feel for it before I start my lessons on Sunday. I used to be a ski instructor in another life, so at least I have an understand of how the mechanics of skiing works. Now, first rule? Forget everything you learned as a “normal” skier, and try to put all of those mechanics out of your mind because they are all BAD habits when it comes to sit skiing. My ski system is a bucket with a mono ski underneath, which is good for people with full upper body strength that can hold themselves upright with only one ski under you.

Needless to say, trying to un-learn 30 years of skiing is quite a feat, lol. If you tip over even an inch at slow speeds, you fall over completely. And, ski poles with skis on the end of them do NOT help you stay upright when push comes to shove. What happens is mainly an undignified, slow motion tip over while the kids in lessons laugh at you. For those who used to snowboard and can no longer do it for one reason or another, you will find the sit ski feels like a snowboard. The single ski tends to act like a snowboard with having to learn to ski on it flat in order to prevent catching an edge. If you catch the wrong edge, you do the nice back plant down hill. It doesn’t hurt as much as snow boarding, though.

The great part is, you learn to make nice beautiful carving turns like a snowboard quite quickly. You must learn to ski with your hips, without leaning over into the turn and causing yourself to tip over. I tipped over a lot. Often. I`m still trying to make sure I’m not turning like a mogul skier like I used to. Short, choppy turns and fall line skiing has to be replaced with long, nice C curve turns. He said I’ll pick it up quickly. I had a good laugh. I was very sore by the end of the lesson from being too tense and from tipping over so much and having to right myself, with help of course. It’s not easy to lift up your body and a sit ski with one pole and one arm. I will have big muscles eventually!

For those who are reading this post and cannot ski standing, it may sound tough to do, but you will LOVE it. Get out there and try it out and have some fun and a good laugh. I will be adding more photos and such as I get into the lesson program. I’ll be carving the place up in no time!! And, Tony said after lessons has a great reward. Beer in the lounge!! That may be the best prize of all!

Until next time, think about hitting the slopes, whether it’s on skis, a snowboard, a sit ski, or a toboggan.