Dear Diary Supplemental Entry:

Dear Diary: I will be trying to make my posts on a more regular basis from now on. I will not be able to promise to be perfect every time, but I want the posts to be more consistent so me and my readers can look forward to posts on a continuous basis!

The goal so far is:

  1. Mondays on a weekly basis: Movie Mondays! This is the day I will post my movie reviews.
  2. Weekly on Wednesdays: Dear Diary. I’ll post these weekly on each Wednesday.
  3. Adventures on Wheels: They’ll be posted every two weeks on Fridays, and more often on Fridays as they come up.
  4. About me: More About Me will be typed up 3 times a month minimum on random days. If I have more to put in, I will add extra posts during the month!
  5. My Two Cents: These will be posted weekly on Sundays. If I am running short on time, it may just be a fun little post to fill the Sunday.

So that’s that! Maybe one day if I get techy, I will try to do video. But, for now, my page will be written as above. Enjoy!!