Dear Diary, February 9th, 2017

Dear Diary: It has been 1,339 days since transplant surgery. Today I am paying for the over activity I have demanded of my body during the last 2 days. Our little family had to pack up and go to Edmonton in order to interview for a service dog for me from Dogs With Wings. They provide service dogs for people with varying levels of physical disability and certain mental difficulties. We met a cute dog in training named Axle.  He’s new at the therapy dog game, but was a very good boy nonetheless. Gabe, my son, really liked him. He really hopes that we can have a therapy dog. For him, of course it’s for mainly 9 year old reasons. For me, it would be great for days like today. When I’ve spent two days self propelling in my wheelchair and now the nerves in my hands are so frazzled that I can barely grip a doorknob. My 3 kitties are at my side watching me suffer, as they always do. dog-logo-vertical-teal

On the up side, we got to take the kid to West Edmonton Mall. He had a blast and went swimming at our hotel in our “VIP” room, as he called it. He got to see the program that gives people like me, and people worse off than me, the ability to be helped and loved by a companion that does nothing but want to love and help you. I hope that I qualify for a service dog because I think it will change my life in so many ways. I fear that I will not qualify for the service dog, because I feel there is a risk they do not think I am sick enough. But, I really suffered in order to get to Edmonton. I hope that it will work out for me and my family.  Cross our fingers (mine, when they will work again, in a couple days)! In the meantime, I will cross my eyes or something. For now, we wait.

P.S. Diary, the pain control is not working well enough. The pain is getting worse. I feel that the little bit of freedom that I had I am going to lose again. The pain is killing me!