Well, our newest adventure this week, of which there were a couple, was to purchase a new campsite for our camper! We have tentatively bought a campsite on the golf course near Strathmore, AB. We’re excited about it! No more moving the camper around for over priced campsites. We can camp here year round! That is very exciting. Plus, we own the lot. That makes us happy.

Being disabled, camping is a great pastime for me. I can still enjoy the great outdoors, even if I’m in my wheelchair that week. It gives me the ability to be in nature, out on my own or with the family, regardless of how I’m feeling. And the new campsite is great for the child. It’s got a big playground, a pool, a swimming man made lake, and lots of places to bike and kids to play with. If this becomes a permanent reality, we’ll be able to camp at least 180 days a year. And, for less than what we would spend in 90 days at Mount Kidd. Also, we get free golf for 35 years. Not too shabby!

As the years pass, we can build our site up to have a nice gazebo (aka poker room), or covered deck that will protect the camper and us in inclement weather. I’m very excited for this to work out, so here is hoping!

P.S. Why do some people feel the need to rain on your parade? I’ll never understand why some people have to run down your ideas and make you feel bad about them. Just why? Even if it does not work out, no one should be happy that it happened. That means that our goal failed, and one should be sad about it. That’s just my little rant for the day!

Cross our fingers and toes and let’s go camping!