Dear Diary, February 15th, 2017

Dear Diary: It has been 1,345 days since transplant surgery. I met with yet ANOTHER physiotherapist today. This time, she was assigned by the pain clinic, so I have to see  for a while at least. And of course, she’s never heard of the surgery I had. That always makes for a good start. Sure I can fix you. You had WHAT done to you? “Fascinating.” That’s what she said. “In all my years and seeing hundreds and hundreds of knees I’ve never heard of a case like this.” That’s what she said. So I had to give my spiel all over again about what happened and why. I’m so sick of reciting my story I think I should just hand out USB sticks with the story on it and they can listen to it at their leisure. Then we can save so much time. Of course she has me doing all the same exercises that haven’t helped the other 3 times, because I guess if she says them, they’ll work. And I need to work on my gait. My gait? Really? Give me a knee that works then and I’ll gait my ass off for you.

I’m always confused why sending me to the same type of person over and over again and being given the same talk over and over again is going to change things. How is it possible that thinking trying the same things over and over again will yield a different result? Mudge had to keep telling the woman, “no, she is not doing that. Or that. She can’t do that. The surgeon made it clear she isn’t supposed to do that.”

It frustrates me that I have to keep going through this over and over again just for the sake of paperwork being filled out properly and to “prove” that I am committed to my recovery. Because if I say no, I won’t participate in yet another unqualified physio’s shenanigans, I am not committed to getting better. “Did you read the sleep handbook? Yes, it’s the 5th time I’ve had it. How about the self care book? Yes, I used to teach it. Good, did you learn anything new? Uh, no, it’s the same book, thanks.” All I have to say is thank god the meds went up today so at least my eyes won’t be sore tomorrow from rolling them so much.

On the up side, we are getting our campsite finalized and it looks like we will be purchasing a lot for our camper! I hope that everything works out and that when it’s time to sign on the dotted line there are no surprises. Then we will own our own tiny little camper “cottage” away from it all that we can use anytime forever! Now we just have to get it all set up so we are ready to move in.

That’s all for medical excitement this week. Next week I may get a nerve block in my knee so I will get some rest for it. I’m not quite sure if it’s happening, but at least it’s something new! For now it’s just time to relax and wait for my knee to stop hurting from physio, and scheme about our campsite until all the paperwork is said and done.

Until next week!