Dear Diary February 22nd, 2017

Dear Diary: Dear Diary, it’s been 1,352 days since transplant surgery. This week has been chaos, and for once it’s not about me! The missus went down sick on Sunday and there was a 95% chance she was going to have to get her gallbladder removed on an emergency basis. Luckily, however, after 2 days of urgent care and emergency appointments, it turned out she will recover without surgery. So, win for us. The down side was that I had to miss my knee injections, which were to give my knee a break from the pain so that my brain will start to get itself back together. They will now happen at the end of March, so no big deal. The pain clinic was kind enough to phone me again this week in the middle of all this chaos to see how my pain management is going. Apparently they expected some different answer from the withdrawal that I’ve been dealing with as the medications are decreased and others increased. Then they spend the rest of the time on the call trying to figure out what they are doing because there are too many bosses and none of them are speaking to each other. And, of course they are not, in any sense of the word, listening to what I have to say. So they are talking at me and the replies of “I need a higher dose of A if you are going to keep reducing B, and by the way, since this started I am not sleeping” are met with “oh, ok, uh huh,” and they just keep continuing on as though I’d never spoken.

Next week I get some different injections, for random other pains in my neck and head. I have no idea what is going to happen, exactly. But, I love needles and can’t wait to have several more! (insert sarcasm here) I just hope I can watch each and every needle get stuck into my face. (insert tears here)

Well, Diary, the week has been busy and I did not get my movie review in. I will get back to it next week when we are all healthy and certain people’s insides aren’t gnawing their way out. Until next week!