I have a passion for the plight of the world. It is something that everyone who knows about me, knows about me. I always felt I was meant to do something more in life. My health has prevented a lot of the later achievement in the changing the world scheme of things. But it does continue to be very important to me, and one day I hope to make a significant difference. This is something I wrote at work one night years ago, when I was really discovering how misguided humans are in society and how we are going to bring about our own global demise as a result of it. It is an adventure that I will work on as long as there is breath in my lungs and blood flowing through my veins.

Save The World

As a species we pride ourselves on our “intelligent” and “reasonable” brain. We are able to conceive and create such incredible ideas in the world around us. This strength we pride ourselves in is also the key to our failure as a species.  We live in a world where we cannot sustain our own population. People starve or die of disease because they do not have the money to save themselves.  We have created a system where money dictates who lives or dies. 

            See, back in history, we lived in a world where we did not require capitalism to survive. We hunted and gathered what we needed. We bartered and traded for things we needed to survive, and provided others with things they needed to survive, never taking more than what we could use.  Then, somewhere along the line, Man got the idea that they wanted to have more than what the other people had. We got the notion of taking more than what we were giving, in order to keep more for ourselves.  And there, became capitalism.  The system by which we will, by any means necessary, take more than what we give out in order to further our own selfish agendas.  Currency became the language of survival.  Existence began to revolve around acquiring and keeping currency away from others.  Competition and selfishness spread like a plague over the planet.  A new predator had emerged in our environment. No longer was famine or weather or disease the main dictators of survival. Suddenly, wealth became the currency of survival.

            Mankind never seems to have been good with harmony.  Unlike any other species on the planet, we cannot seem to achieve harmony with anything around us. We cannot get along with each other. We certainly can’t get along with nature. And we fail miserably at getting along with the environment. Derailing 4 billion years of balance and evolution in the 200 years since the industrial revolution is NOT something we should be bragging about.  Balance is not one of Man’s strong points.  We are seemingly incapable of keeping balance in the world around us.  Our advances in technology (I am not sure why we need it all to survive) and our efforts to make our own lives easier has only made life so complicated, so complex, that we cannot cope with our own existence.  We need medication, legal or illegal, to cope with our own lives and the stresses the environment places on us.  We cannot be in harmony with our own singular existence, instead always playing catch up with ourselves and never quite catching up.  We pay money to talk to other people about our problems, because we cannot solve our own.  We kill each other and ourselves in an effort to escape this “utopia” Mankind has created. 

            We spend so much time and energy devising ways to cope with our own bubble that we forget there is a whole world out there that we are completely destroying.  The UN does see some of our problems as indicated in the Millenium Development Goals, none of which we hope to achieve before 2015 (the deadline to achieve them). Of course, this comes down to money.  Saving the world costs money, and there isn’t enough money to do it, so where does one start?  Oh, the goals are noble and many very well paid, well fed individuals saw to their creation.  Unfortunately, in the world of money talks, we simply cannot achieve them.  And I’d love to see them achieved.  However, AIDS is a sticky goal to address (the goal is to cure and reverse the spread of AIDS by 2015).  AIDS is nature’s way of trying to control a population we cannot even conceive feeding on our current wealth distribution system.  If we cure AIDS by 2015, who is going to pay to distribute the drugs, and who is going to feed the millions of people that are going to now survive the pandemic?  AIDS is one of those things that is trying to maintain the balance that we continue to strip from nature.  So, what do we do if we cure AIDS?  Are we prepared to donate another 20% of our salaries to feed these people? 30%? Are you prepared to work and give your money to Haiti or Africa or India so that these people, who now are not dying, can be fed?  This is what I mean about our system not working.

            The world is reeling right now from the economic crisis we are currently mired in.  The DOW, the TSC, the NYSE, RRSP’s all dominate the news (mixed in with the importance of Madonna’s divorce).  Honestly, are you kidding me?  This is what our world has become. Worrying about money is more important than worrying about the one child that dies every 3 seconds on earth.  I’m sorry, Bill Gates, but you should not be one of the world’s wealthiest men, because frankly, we would survive just fine without Windows Vista.  China spent over 40 billion dollars on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 40 BILLION.  And, they bulldozed countless homes to build the stadiums, leaving their own citizens homeless. All so that they can look good to the rest of the world.  We spent 40 billion dollars so we can watch swimming on CBC for 8 days (during that 8 days at 1 child every 3 seconds, 230,400 children died).  I think that we can find better ways to spend our money.  I am sure 40 billion dollars would save more than 230,400 kids from death.  And, it could even educate many of them.  Instead, I got to spend 8 days watching Michael Phelps swim just a tiny bit faster than everyone else.      

We, as a species, worry about Ebola, AIDS, Malaria, Cancer, and other such maladies that prey on the human parasite. We talk in circles about famine, war, and disease like we actually pretend we care about it.  However, the world knows no parasite like the destructive capabilities of the human species itself.  Nothing is safe as long as our intelligent, reasonable brains dictate the future of our planet.  In the time it took me to write this, 600 children died.  Is this really what we want from our lives?  In the end, are we, as a species, worth it?    


Original Title Struggling Girl photograph Kevin Carter 1993.