This week on My 2 Cents….is the end coming? Or not??

“The End is Nigh…or is it?”

The 2000s and beyond has ushered in a new era of end of the world prophecies. The entertainment industry has latched onto the Apocalypse like a leech, draining the world of money by selling to us our morbid fascination with the end of the world. Be it zombies, disease, or war, the world has a new focus – how and when will the world as we know it cease to exist? Trumpanomics surely will usher in a new direction for our untimely demise.

Now, the end of the world could happen in any number of ways. As humans, we are self-destructive enough to accomplish this at our whim, or simply by accident with our self-aggrandizing hubris. Some methods, of course, are more far-fetched than others. Zombies are all the rage over the last decade plus, with TV shows such as The Walking Dead fueling our innate fear of the deceased. This seems like the least likely method of world destruction, in my mind. I cannot reconcile the thought that the deceased will get up and wander around with thoughts of eating people. Once the life has left a cell, it is done. We have not found a way to inject a steak with life and make the muscles re-animate and have a flexing steak on our plate. There are many MAJOR leaps of faith that must happen to think that something that is actively decaying, cannot digest, and has no means of fueling its own life force, can actively act to harm human beings in the long term. Entertaining? Yes, it sure is. We love it because our fears of death and of the deceased makes these movies strike us right in our most visceral and primal self. Will it ever happen? I think we can safely scratch that from our cause for concern list.

Will disease strike us down? It also makes for good Hollywood fanfare, because so far we seem to think that each and every disease will cause us to become “living” zombies that mindlessly attack those that aren’t sick. Variations of the rabies virus make for television fodder because it makes its victims unpredictable and violent. Definitely disease is something we must watch for. Not because it will make zombies, of course. It is scarier, because, disease has a way of thinning out the population. And, if enough of the population disappears, civilization as we know it cannot be maintained. Capitalism cannot combat disease. In fact, money and capitalism SLOWS combating disease. The rich will be protected, the poor will die, and by the time someone has the money to fix the problem, the damage will be done. Why this has not happened yet is unclear. The most deadly diseases seem to poke their head out of the darkest reaches of the planet, and then vanish again. Ebola Zaire kills 90% of those who are infected with it. Seemingly our only saving grace is that it kills so fast that it does not get spread far enough before wiping out its victims. Planes form a network (called The Net). Any disease, once it gets onto a plane, can be spread around the globe in 24 hours. Why this has not happened is a mystery the WHO and the CDC can only guess at, and pray that it never happens. In the meantime, again, Hollywood makes billions of dollars selling us on our fear of a disease that wipes us out, or nearly all of us. The remaining population is then left to try to survive in a world that is merely a shadow of its former self.

War (where I will also lump Trumanomics) is the other world ending scenario that we spend our days thinking about, and where Hollywood sells its final apocalypse movie seats. War and human nature seems like the most realistic way the world will end, because as people, we cannot help but destroy everything in our path. We are parasites; we cannot live in harmony with nature or the environment. We are a species of takers. And we have the means to destroy the planet entirely with our weapons of mass destruction. Hatred has taken a new direction in the last 10 years. Terrorism is the buzzword of the American body politic. Religious zealots kill with impunity. Race divides us like we have not seen in decades. Violence against women and children has become the currency of war by tearing down local economies from the bottom up. Destroying infrastructure on a national scale leaves entire countries with no ability to recover from the crimes of the past. Psychotic warlords are not limited only to African countries now and their power reaches further and further as more people join their causes. Does the UN actually have a purpose any longer, or is their bureaucratic body at an end? War is also big business. Capitalism loves war. I am sure if you add the worldwide spending on military action, research, fighting, and supply, you would be surprised how much more is spent on killing than is spent on disease research. Americans love war. They aren’t the only ones. Warring nations fuel capitalism. I wonder if we will ever see someone like Trump push the button for nuclear war or if he will keep it together and work to maintain peace worldwide.

Will we see the end of days in my lifetime? If it does happen I believe it will be a mix of disease and war, with disease thinning the population out enough to collapse society. Does it mean that we all need to build a bunker underground to live in just in case? I’m not sure that the paranoia of the U.S. is the way to go, but then, maybe they are the smart ones. In the end, what do you think?? Give me your 2 cents and maybe we can make a great movie!