Dear Diary: It’s been a million days since transplant surgery. And a long time since I’ve been able to make a post. Sadly, the campsite we purchased with its proven wi-fi doesn’t actually get wi-fi, so I can’t do the work I had planned to do all year from the campsite. This continues to be a depressing issue for me.

As for my knee, work has given up. I am in the process of retiring from my career and have the tattoo to prove it. Work can no longer wait for me to get better, so the compromise is I retire and get to keep my benefits and most of my pay. So, it could be worse, I guess. That is, if Health Canada agrees with my teams of doctors and surgeons and doesn’t arbitrarily override them and say I am magically able to work. I am sure that they have no reason to disagree, since I spend over half my life in bed in severe, severe pain. Luckily, the pain clinic is trying to take me off all my medications as a way to “cure” the pain. Apparently pain meds make the pain worse now, so taking nothing is the way to go. Then you just dream your way into feeling fine or something ridiculous like that.

My pain doctor told me to read different kinds of books from my usual while I’m on vacation so that the pain won’t be as bad. Now I’m reading books on how to make doctors disappear into thin air. Like really? That’s your advice? Not, hey, let’s work through this, or even, buy some crack. It’s, read a new kind of book. That will fix it. Apparently anyone can get into that medical school she went to. If anything, she’s giving me headaches so my pain is worse.

Well, here’s a snap of my new retirement tattoo. A small one for me, but time to start the next chapter of my life reading self help books or harlequin romances or something. That’s all for today!!

Years of Service, Badge Number on Folger Adam Key, 2017, lower left leg