Dear Diary, January 1st, 2018

Dear Diary: Well, it’s a brand new year! It’s been 1,665 days since transplant surgery. Life has not changed since the transplant. I am in the process of retiring from my career as a law enforcement officer. Typically, work is making it difficult with the back and forth and back and forth. Health Canada and CPP are also working at a molasses type pace, so it makes everything take FOREVER.

Aside from the mountains of paperwork that this all requires, my pain management has been quite an adventure. I’ve changed drugs multiple times in the last year, with the most recent change being the most drastic. Coming off high dose opiates is not the Christmas picnic we thought it would be. Even with detox medication, it was a rough time. Now, I have a multitude of drugs I take to try to keep life under some sort of control until we can do something to make life liveable again. We will be exploring new THC avenues to help sleep, but it’s expensive and not covered. That will be the last resort.

Let’s hope that this will be a better year than the last few. That the pain will be under control and there will be life outside the house. Let’s go 2018. Let’s go forward.