Dear Diary,

Dear Diary April 1, 2018: Well diary, it’s been 1,756 days since transplant surgery. That’s a lot of damn days. A LOT of days. It’s early morning on Easter Sunday. It is freezing outside, and we just got MORE snow. This weather makes my knee and the rest of my body feel like it went through a blender and then was spread out in front of a speeding bus. In addition, a lot of things in my life seem to have changed recently.

My medical retirement is imminent. I am nearly going to be a former law enforcement officer. That is very sad for me. I’ve been an officer of the law for 13 years and with the stroke of a pen that is all going to be taken away. For the rest of my life I cannot work unless I manage to get better. I am 43 years old and a new senior citizen! I signed my pension forms and got the unpleasant surprise as to how much my medical benefits will cost me now (my workplace told me that my benefits continued to be at zero cost because of the type of retirement it was-stupid me for assuming they were right).

I may have mentioned it before, but my pain doctor has taken me off of all my good pain medication. I am now opiate free, and in pain x1000. The push is for me to be using medical marijuana. The problem is that medicine costs nearly $1,000 a month and my regular medication costs me $0 a month. Hard to justify the cost of the marijuana when the alternative is hmmmm….much less expensive. Perhaps the chronic will be covered under benefits when it is legalized. There isn’t much to say about that because when you feel worse, your life gets more boring. I can’t afford for my life to get more boring. You can’t afford for my life to get MORE boring. You’ll fall asleep talking to me!

I do have some exciting news, however! I have decided to take up a new little business adventure. Of course I can’t actually do a real job for the reason mentioned above and because Disability gets quite ornery when you are making money on the side. They have even forced me to apply for CPP Disability so that if I am approved, every CENT I make from CPP is deducted from my disability, which benefits me ZERO but saves Disability a lot. I was denied for CPP Disability the first time around. They are now forcing me to appeal it. If it is denied again, I have to keep begging and begging until either CPP gives in or they tell me to go to H-E-double sippy straws. If I don’t keep applying and getting more medical documentation at my own cost, I get cut off Disability. Fair system isn’t it?

Anyway, enough about those fools. Let’s talk about my exciting news. I am now a Brand Advocate for NetQube. It’s a company that pays you to work from home, in your spare time, with no deadlines, no boss but yourself, and no commitments. Work hard. Work hardly. Make a little money. Make a lot! It’s really up to you. And all you have to do is click your mouse or tap your phone and tablet. You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to sign people up (you can if you want to, and if they’re interested in making money that same way as well). Do reviews, online surveys, play games, share things to your timelines, tweet stuff, and on and on and on. It all pays you money and if you do a little work, you make a little or a lot of money! Because it’s set up as a hobby for me, I can do this without getting in trouble. And really it is a hobby for me. Until I am well enough to volunteer somewhere, doing something at home is my only option. If you are interested in more information on NetQube and how you can become a Brand Advocate with me, let me know! You would have my support 100% of the time.

Sign up for NetQube and make money from home without selling your soul or any other items!

Check out my page if you want to check out information.

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Well, that’s about all the excitement I think I have today. Well, and in case I haven’t mentioned it, I am getting a neck tattoo in 2 weeks. It’s going to be a huge skull with roses and a black panther. Should cover my whole neck. I figured I can tattoo whatever the heck I want now since I don’t have a career to go to-ever. My parents I am sure will be quite thrilled. But, I’m running out of space and I want a cool new tattoo.

Goodnight, diary and all the readers. Oh, and about my tattoo? APRIL FOOL’S!!

Heeheehee. Can you imagine??