November 8th, 2018

Dear Diary: Today is day 1,977 since transplant surgery. For those who are new to the adventure, I had a knee transplant. Yes, you read me right! A knee transplant. I have a knee from a dead guy. Or gal. I think a guy, though. I was the 15th person in the world to have this type of surgery, because I was “too young” at the time for a knee replacement. Why am I too young? One of the main reasons is you only get 2 knees per side in your lifetime if it’s artificial. They told me “young people don’t look after their replacements,” which meant I couldn’t get one, because other jack asses ran their replacements ragged by not doing their exercises after, or were too hard on them, blah blah.

Prior to this transplant I had 3 other knee surgeries. I needed a replacement. That was the issue. But I was 38, so they cut me open in the end, 5 different times, which has destroyed the tissues in my leg and knee joint. Then, the transplant didn’t work, and I was left with a knee that was 1000 times worse than it was at the start. Not exactly how I wanted it to play out.

Yesterday I met with a different surgeon, who actually had a note on my file from my transplant surgeon saying that he did not want me to see the new surgeon. I think that sort of p*ssed off the new surgeon. I assumed going in that he was going to waste my time and say no immediately because he was a chum of the transplant guy. Luckily, having my surgeon write in the chart his dissent, it seemed to light a little fire in the belly of the new guy. Also, I think it bothered the new surgeon that I lost my career, we had to sell our house due to the stairs, and that my life ended as a result of this transplant. So, guess what! He’s going to do a knee replacement for me! It will hopefully be a half knee at the start, depending on what he finds when he gets in there.

Now, there is reality to deal with. Getting this knee isn’t going to make me better. I’ll never go back to my job. I can’t. I’ll still have pain. So much damage has been done with all the surgeries that I can’t expect to be fully functional. I won’t be pain free. I won’t be an athlete again. But, maybe I can walk at the mall instead of using a scooter or my wheelchair. I may be able to go watch my kid do his activities instead of looking at the pictures at home. Maybe I can play golf without spending days in bed after.

The upside is, someone is willing to do something to help! The pain may be reduced significantly, which means I won’t be in bed 75% of my life. Maybe my medications won’t need to be multiple times a day, and maybe just will need to be taken after a day of swimming or walking or cleaning.

So, that’s my update. Sometime in the next 4 months I’ll be getting a half knee or full knee replacement, which is what I needed in 2011. Let’s do this!!!