Dear Diary, January 4th, 2019

Dear Diary: It’s been 2,034 days since transplant surgery. Yep, I’ve broken the big 2K. And it’s a new year! No resolutions from me. It’s easier to succeed in something when you haven’t made it a goal haha. This entry will be short and sweet because my life isn’t exciting enough for long entries.

Christmas was great and hectic as always. The family visited and it was too short, a whirlwind, but nice to have everyone together. It ended with me and the wife being dreadfully sick. I’m just recovering now and sort of feel like a human again.

Now for the exciting part. Tuesday, January 8th, I go under the knife again! For the 6th? 7th? 196th? time? I forget. Anyway, I’m getting a knee. A fake knee this time. Instead of the transplant crappy knee. I’m getting an Oxford knee. Sounds smart. I hope it makes me smarter. Maybe it comes with a scholarship.

Anyway, I wanted to masses to know that I’ll be out of touch for a few days as I’m sure the wi-fi in the hospital will be terrible. And, I won’t be driving for a couple months. Again. Whee. The prognosis is very guarded, for those who want to know. We won’t be creating an Olympian with this surgery. The damage to my leg and nerves is far too extensive for that. We are more likely thinking I won’t need a wheelchair for the mall. Maybe can ride a bike a km or 2. Maybe 30% less pain. But we really don’t know. After 6ish surgeries on a knee that was ruined BEFORE the surgeries, we’re now trying to fix the fix the fix the fix. But, after being brutalized by past surgeons, this is the best we can hope for barring amputation (yes, I did ask for amputation repeatedly).

The hope is maybe I can golf a little, walk a little, swim a little, and still get out of bed in the morning. Only time will tell.

So, if I don’t reply to texts for a couple days after the 8th, I’m not likely dead, I’m just being prodded or anal probed or something in the hospital. And, maybe walking around in a less painful fashion once healed? I have one request from friends before the 8th. I need movie ideas to download from Netflix. Send me ideas in the comments on Facebook!!

Peace out everyone, Happy New Year and wish me the best of luck next week! Let’s get a new knee!!!